Paua Pearls


We have stunning Paua Pearls in store - a true New Zealand Gem

These pearls are considered the most lustrous and some of the rarest cultured pearls in the world, due to New Zealand’s Paua species (Haliotis Iris) being endemic, fragile and also slow growing. Haliotis Iris translated from Latin means 'Raindow sea ear', Haliotis is the most primative group of mollusc in the world and have remained nearly unchanged for 500 million years. The survival rate from an egg to an adult Paua is 1 in 20 million.

In New Zealand we use Mabe pearl inserts to grow the pearls and are constantly experimenting with new ideas, techniques and materials for improved growth, harvests and colour retention.

Paua eat up to half their own body weight per week and require constant supervision in a clean and spacious environment to ensure their well-being and survival. On top of this, each pearl takes at least 3 years to grow with only 5-10 pearls out of 50 (depending on the harvest) making it to pearl processing and then to final grading. 



Call in to see our range of stunning pearls, from 6mm to stunning 13mm sizes, then let us work with you to design something that is uniquely you.